About Us

Valta Realty started out in 2017 by Jing Zhou, PhD, who started managing her own properties after realizing there is short of quality service providers in property management. Gradually, Jing formed a highly educated and efficient team, mostly working from home Dad and Mom.  We are passionate about providing quality rental housing and maximizing cash flow for property owners.

Valta Realty 于 2017 年由周景博士创立,缘于她一直无法为自己的投资地产找到令人满意的地产管理公司。于是她自己逐步组建出了一支,主要是居家老母亲和老父亲的,高学历和高效率团队。我们热衷于管理精品出租房,以及给房东实现最大化现金流。

With a background in science, entrepreneurship and real estate, Jing envisioned a hospitality & property management company that would utilize data/tech and international culture knowledges to give guests a unique experience, take good care of homes, while maximize revenue. Having self-managed her own rental properties for more than 16 years, she manages her client’s properties with the same high level of attention and care as her own.

凭借在科研、创业和房地产方面的多年经验,周博士的愿景是以数据和科技为基础,多文化的团队为客人提供独特的体验,打造精品度假屋,同时最大限度地提高营收。在拥有超过 16年的房东经验,周博士相信对待每一个客户的物业如同管理自己的房子一样。

Over the years, she has grown the local team to a handful vacation rental experts with international backgrounds to care for multiple homes in Seattle’s and Eastside’s areas:

  • Concierges who will welcome you to Seattle, answer your questions, and share tips about where to go and what to do
  • Maintenance specialists who can quickly remedy any unexpected issues with plumbing, electricity, or wi-fi
  • House-keeping staff that ensures your unit looks and feels new & homey upon your arrival.


• 短租的全面服务,包括礼宾欢迎您来到西雅图,回答您的问题,并分享关于去哪里和做什么的提示

• 维修专家可以快速解决管道、电力或 Wi-Fi 方面的任何意外问题

• 客房服务人员确保您抵达时看起来和感觉新而温馨。

Our high quality, hard-working and caring moms (and one dad, 😊) are the only reason we have grown so fast in the past few years. Especially our moms who are behind the scene, but to keep our properties to the best conditions to landlords and guests. Like Maria, our cleaning lead. She has 5 children, but works 7 days a week. No matter it is Sunday, or last minute emergency cleaning, she is always there for us. Also Glenda, she needs to take care 3 children and 2 grand children, but somehow she managed to take care all of our repairs using her pieces of time.

If you want to know us more, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more..

我们勤奋、细心和有爱心的妈妈们(还有一位爸爸,😊)是我们在过去几年中成长迅速的唯一原因。尤其是我们在幕后的妈妈们,为房东和客人把我们的房产保持在最好的状态。比如我们的清洁主管玛丽亚一样。她有 5 个孩子,但每周工作 7 天。无论是星期天,还是最后一刻的紧急清洁,她总在随时响应和完成清洁任务。还有格伦达,她需要照顾 3 个孩子和 2 个孙子,不知道她怎么做到的,但她能够在她碎片时间里把所有房屋的维修管理的井井有条。 如果您想更多地了解我们,请随时与我们联系以了解更多信息。

Jing Zhou, Ph. D.

As a rental property investor and business owner, I believe in to deliver the highest Cap Rate for owners.
  • Successful serial entrepreneur and investor
  • Co-founded Microceramics Environmental Company in 2010 to develop patented heavy metal absorbing materials, which was used in water purifier products by Fortune 500 company. The company was acquired in 2014.
  • Invested and became CEO to turn around the polymer company, OxiScience in Redmond Washington, to become a top selling brand on Amazon.
  • Invested and managed properties & real estate fund with total value of tens of millions.
  • Strategic advisor and board members to multiple startups in E-commerce, material science, healthcare, and education.
  • Ph.D. in Biophysical Chem, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Thao Mewhort

General Manager

As a curious and intrepid traveler, I have been in 20+ countries and 50+ cities. I enjoy learning different cultures, meeting new people, seeing new landscapes and experiencing new things. Traveling has provided me perspectives and knowledge to be a successful property manager.

  • 12 years in Operations Management focusing on efficiency and productivity through data analysis, resource optimization, process standardization and continuous improvement.
  • Invest and manage multiple properties in Seattle metropolitan area.
    • Staff recruitment, training and development.
    • Standard operating process (SOP) development and improvement.
    • Cost control initiatives.
    • Revenue management strategies.
  • Master’s degree in engineering management, Syracuse University.


Office Manager

Julie has been a part of Valta Realty Group since 2017 and taken multiple tasks. Julie communicates with tenants about their various service requests, directs maintenance technicians in the field, purchases appliances and is an expert at researching and finding the lowest quotes on larger maintenance projects. She also works in accounting and administration.

Julie enjoys working with people, finding solutions, and providing positive customer service. She is happy to assist customers by phone, email and in person. In her free time, Julie enjoys reading, art and most importantly spending time with her family.

Julie holds a Master Degree in Pharmacology

Xu Wang, Ph. D.

IT Manager

It’s my passion to provide top quality and comprehensive technical support to the team, and grow in entrepreneurship.

  • Former Senior SDET Lead and Senior Software Engineer with 14 years of experience in Microsoft.
  • Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Florida State University