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Valta Realty Group is your leading vacation rental property management partner.

Valta is vacation rental property management done right. We provide excellent pricing, optimized marketing and streamlined professional guest services for your property. Call us today to turn your spare home into cash flow!

What Valta Offers?

We value your time, therefore our services are seamless and rewarding.


Comprehensive online sales & marketing

  • We provide high quality design & furnishing advice.
  • Our listing capabilities highlight your home’s unique selling propositions.
  • We take advantage of multiple booking websites such as Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, and
  • We use dynamic pricing to maximize the revenue for short term vacation rental.


Guest care management

  • We handle all aspects of guest reservation from inquiry to reservation.
  • We bring high quality guests to your homes.
  • We provide guests a prompt and thoughtful level of services throughout their stays.


Property care management

  • We schedule thorough cleaning and linen laundering by professional cleaners.
  • We conduct at least one (1) comprehensive inspection per year.
  • No emergencies for you to deal with while keeping your home in an immaculate condition.


Owner care management

  • We proactively work with neighbors, HOAs etc. to maintain positive relationships.
  • We provide monthly statements for easy financial tracking
  • We schedule yearly meetings or phone calls for goal setting.
  • We save you time and hassle and allow you to reap the benefits of owning a rental property

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Customer Testimonial

Thank you very much Valta Realty for the care.
It was an amazing experience to live in one of apartment that was managed by them. Always respond fast, helped with all staff that come out almost immediately. In addition, the management capabilities is super high. Had couple personal problems while I occupied the apartment and it was mach easier to go through the tough time with them as they always understand me and was pleased to help.

Artur Zolotarov

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why partner with Valta?

At Valta Realty Group, we understand finding a vacation rental property management company can be difficult. Oftentimes, you will come into contact with either nationwide conglomerates with overwhelming standard processes or smaller companies with a too personalized business model. At Valta, we can provide you with the benefits of both, making it an easy & stress-free experience.

We strive to give our partners the absolute best services for their vacation properties. Our full-service management systems from design and marketing to maintenance and house-keeping will give our partners and guests great fulfillment. We know each customer and guest are different, which is why we provide the very best offers to choose what works best for you.

What are Valta’s management fees?

With our acclaimed variety of rental property management services, the management fees are different among packages. Call us or set up a meeting today, to get a free rental consultation!

How does online marketing with Valta work?

We have high-level SEO professional contractors that work with us to optimize placement on search engine websites, such as Google. This way, when people search for properties in the Seattle area, your property has maximum visibility for interested patrons.

How does Valta ensure a great guest experience?

We take pride in our guest-services, which translates to both owners and guests having a zero-hassle experience. Our rental property screening services ensure high-quality bookings, giving owners peace of mind. We hire leading professionals to keep properties guest-ready. We provide guests with a wide variety of hospitality services and owners with monthly and yearly property maintenance checks and inspections.

What Property Owners Do?

Our Vacation Rental Property owners are responsible for their mortgage, city of Seattle’s licenses, property insurance, utility expenses, furnishings, and keeping their property guest ready. Call us and we will tell you more.

What booking websites does Valta manage?

We take advantage of multiple booking websites such as: Airbnb, VRBO/HomeAway, and also direct booking from our website.

Customer Testimonials

“Thank you very much Valta Realty for the care. It was an amazing experience to live in one of the apartments that was managed by them. Always responded fast, helped with all the staff that came out almost immediately. In addition, the management capabilities are super high. I had a couple of personal problems while I occupied the apartment and it was much easier to go through the tough time with them, as they always understood me and were pleased to help.” – Artur Zolotarov

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Valta Realty is a boutique hospitality & property management company. We partner with homeowners to turn their spares homes into beautifully-designed and homey places for guests all over the world to enjoy while in Seattle. Our full-service management solutions including design, maintenance, house keeping and hospitality will give both homeowners and guests a peace of mind.

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