Valta Realty Group is your leading vacation rental property management partner.

Valta is vacation rental property management done right. We provide excellent pricing, optimized marketing and streamlined professional guest services for your property. Call us today to turn your spare home into cash flow!

We Promise

Data Transparency

Full records for every dollar spent

shared with owner with full documentations

Integrity in Revenue Management

Client's booking revenue is managed in escrow account

Never comingle with company's spending on operations

Co-op Business Model,not driven by profit

Don't distinguish owners and employees, and every contributor to operational work counts as member

Social enterprise business model to help members to obtain the best service at a low and fair cost

We treat your money as if it were our own

We advocate for owners in every claim or resolution with Airbnb, VRBO, and other platforms

We conduct thorough screening when choosing vendors for home repairs.

What Valta Offers?

We value your time, therefore our services are seamless and rewarding.

Comprehensive online sales & marketing

  • We provide high quality design & furnishing advice.
  • Our listing capabilities highlight your home’s unique selling propositions.
  • We take advantage of multiple booking websites such as Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, and
  • We use dynamic pricing to maximize the revenue for short term vacation rental.

Guest care management

  • We handle all aspects of guest reservation from inquiry to reservation.
  • We bring high quality guests to your homes.
  • We provide guests a prompt and thoughtful level of services throughout their stays.

Property care management

  • We schedule thorough cleaning and linen laundering by professional cleaners.
  • We conduct at least one (1) comprehensive inspection per year.
  • No emergencies for you to deal with while keeping your home in an immaculate condition.

Owner care management

  • We proactively work with neighbors, HOAs etc. to maintain positive relationships.
  • We provide monthly statements for easy financial tracking
  • We schedule yearly meetings or phone calls for goal setting.
  • We save you time and hassle and allow you to reap the benefits of owning a rental property

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Us

  • Phone number: (425)578-9494
  • Address: 16625 Redmond way #M-368, Redmond 98052
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