Best places to stay in Poulsbo, Washington

Poulsbo Scandinavian Retreat, 2 blocks to DT

3 bedrooms
6 beds
2 baths
9 guests
As low as $137 /night

Fairyland Cottage: Waterfront, Beach, BBQ & Kayak

4 bedrooms
6 beds
3 baths
10 guests
As low as $188 /night

Enchanting Bavarian Cabin Retreat, Pet-Friendly

3 bedrooms
5 beds
2.5 baths
10 guests
As low as $140 /night

About Poulsbo

Known as "Little Norway," Poulsbo proudly showcases its Scandinavian heritage amidst the scenic backdrop of Liberty Bay and the Olympic Mountains. With its charming downtown, rich history, and marine adventures, Poulsbo offers a unique Pacific Northwest experience.

Top Things to Do in Poulsbo

Best Time to Visit

While Poulsbo is inviting all year long, visiting during the spring to early fall (April to October) allows travelers to take full advantage of outdoor activities and the town's lively festivals.


Whether you're drawn to waterfront views, downtown convenience, or serene woodland retreats, Poulsbo has a variety of vacation rentals to cater to every preference.

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Situated on the Kitsap Peninsula, Poulsbo is best reached by car. However, the town itself is walkable, and its attractions are easily accessible on foot or with a short drive.

Must-Visit Attractions

Historic Downtown: A stroll here is like stepping into a Norwegian village with its unique architecture, murals, and statues.

Poulsbo Marine Science Center:Engage with marine life and learn about Puget Sound's ecosystems.

Liberty Bay Waterfront Park: A picturesque setting for picnics, kayaking, and enjoying the bay views.

Local Dining

Poulsbo's dining scene offers a mix of traditional Norwegian treats, seafood from the surrounding waters, and a range of international cuisines.

Top Poulsbo Dining Spots


Bellevue Square is a shopper's paradise with luxury brands and local boutiques. Don't miss the adjoining Lincoln Square and Bellevue Place for more choices.

Top Poulsbo Shops


While downtown and most accommodations offer Wi-Fi, it's good to ensure you have mobile connectivity, especially when exploring more rural surroundings or embarking on marine adventures.

Local Tips

  • Don't miss out on trying a traditional Norwegian pastry at the local bakeries.
  • Attend the Viking Fest, an annual event celebrating Poulsbo's Nordic heritage with parades, food, and music.
  • Checkout the Poulsbo Aquarium

Discover the charm of Poulsbo, where Norwegian traditions come alive amidst the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

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