Best places to stay in SeaTac, Washington

Seatac 2BR Lower Unit 5 min to Airport

2 bedrooms
3 beds
1 baths
5 guests
As low as $80 /night

Seatac 2 BR Upper Unit 5 min to Airport

2 bedrooms
3 beds
1 baths
5 guests
As low as $80 /night

Spacious 4BR Home - 5 min to SeaTac Airport

4 bedrooms
7 beds
2 baths
10 guests
As low as $120 /night

About SeaTac

Located between Seattle and Tacoma, SeaTac is best known for housing the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. But beyond its transport hub, it offers parks, shopping, and convenient access to major Pacific Northwest attractions.

Best Time to Visit

The summer months (June to September) provide the most pleasant weather, ideal for outdoor activities. However, SeaTac's position as a transportation hub ensures it's bustling year-round.


Being a transit hub, SeaTac offers a variety of accommodations ranging from modern hotel suites to cozy vacation rentals suitable for both short layovers and extended stays.

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Besides being home to a major airport, SeaTac boasts an excellent public transportation system. The Link Light Rail connects SeaTac to downtown Seattle, making for a convenient ride.

Must-Visit Attractions

Angle Lake Park:A serene lake with a beach, playground, and fishing area.

Highline SeaTac Botanical Garden:A beautiful 10-acre space showcasing various gardens and plant collections.

Des Moines Marina:Just a short drive away, this marina offers shopping, dining, and stunning views of the Puget Sound.

Local Dining

SeaTac offers a range of dining options, many catering to international travelers. Whether you're looking for classic American fare, international cuisines, or quick eats, SeaTac has something to satisfy your palate.


While SeaTac is not a major shopping destination, it has essential stores and boutiques. For extensive shopping, nearby Southcenter Mall in Tukwila offers a wide range of brands and retail choices.


Given its position as a major transportation center, Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity are top-notch in SeaTac. Most public spaces, accommodations, and dining establishments offer free Wi-Fi.

Local Tips

  • The SeaTac Community Center often hosts events and activities, providing a great way to mingle with locals.
  • Given its central location, consider using SeaTac as a base to explore both Seattle and Tacoma.

Embrace SeaTac as more than just a transit point. With its parks, dining options, and strategic location, it serves as both a convenient and enriching Pacific Northwest destination.

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